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Butterfly feed plots. Riverbank cleanups. A statewide inventory of historic and cultural sties. Public meetings. Giving blood. See how our employees contribute to environmental, civic and community events, and how they give selflessly to charities.

Environment >>​​​​
  • Compliance, NEPA and butterfly feed plots

  • FindIt cultural site surveys and rare species inventory

  • DNR, MillionMile Greenway, Clean Air Campaign

Civic outreach >>
  • Hands On Atlanta

  • Jr. Achievement

  • United Way, Red Cross, March of Dimes

Working with communities >>
  • Public involvement in construction

  • Stakeholders shape siting model

  • Elected officials, press, chambers of commerce and more​

Hands On Atlanta​

Our volunteers jump in to a local river cleanup.

slide ​show >>​​​​​​​​

Hands on Atlanta

MillionMile Greenway

Clean Air Campaign​​​​​​