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Georgia EMCs
​​ Georgia’s electric cooperatives​
  • Serve nearly half the state's residents, about 4.1 million people, including 2 million in metro Atlanta,

  • Share a service territory of 73 percent of the state, touching all but two of the state’s 159 counties,

  • Employ more than 5,000 people,

  • Pay more than $600 million in taxes, and

  • Despite larger service territories, most EMC customers pay lower rates than the national average.

Some EMCs in rural, low-growth regions have fewer than 50 employees. Others, particularly those near large cities, have several hundred employees. Georgia’s EMCs, growing faster than investor-owned and municipal utilities, are known for serving some of the nation’s fastest growing counties.  See a list of EMCs we serve or choose from the map above.

The state's EMCs share a proud history that dates back to the 1930s when rural residents dreamed of power lines being built near their houses, for it meant electricity would soon be available.