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 People Who Care

Through their actions, Georgia Transmission’s employees show they care about the environment, histor​ic preservation and people in need. Some examples:

Environmental analyses

We are known for aggressive environmental protection. Our management insists on rigorous environmental analyses and close coordination with state and federal regulators to minimize the effects of facility construction and operations. We contribute to programs that improve wildlife habitats and conservation along our more than 3,000 miles of transmission lines.

Setting a national standard

Georgia Transmission teamed with the Electric Power Research Institute, a national research group, and created a national model for analyzing environmental, community and engineering conditions to select the best locations for new transmission power lines. Our approach has been praised in the industry press and it has been adopted by other utilities.

DNR butterfly habitat research

We supported the state Department of Natural Resources’ research to determine the best land-management practices for butterfly habitats, including work with experimental feed plots.

Project WINGS

We participate in Wildlife Incentives for Non-game and Game Species (WINGS), a program designed to create new wildlife habitat on electrical transmission line rights of way (ROW).

Weekend for Wildlife

We raise money for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Conservation Fund to support non-game wildlife conservation.

Project FindIt!

We help fund a joint effort with the State Historic Preservation Office and the University of Georgia for documenting historic and cultural resources throughout Georgia.

Georgia National Heritage Program

We contribute to a non-government funded program that studies and creates inventories of rare plant and animal species.

National charities

Employees regularly support the Red Cross, the March of Dimes, the Boys and Girls Clubs, the United Way, the Salvation Army’s Angel Program and other worthy groups. 


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