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The highly technical and specialized field of electric transmission is undergoing tremendous change. Now is a good time to consider the interesting, and stable, field of high-voltage power systems. Georgia Transmission is a major player in the nation’s high-voltage business, which means we can offer you the opportunity to test yourself and build a professional reputation by solving significant challenges. Like these:

  • Predict the power needs of one of the country’s fastest-growing states and plan a power grid to meet future demand, taking into consideration uncertain variables, such as distributed generation, renewable generation, demand-response management, energy efficiency and conservation.

  • Design, build and maintain more than $2 billion in new power lines and substations throughout the state, while managing the demands of affected property owners, communities and officials.

  • Protect more than 3,000 miles of power lines from hurricanes, rising energy demand, wear and other threats at a time when the federal government is mandating reliability of our nation’s power grids.

  • Decide which emerging technologies are worth adopting when you consider long-term capability, efficiency, reliability and affordability.

Come to the company that recently wrote the book on how to analyze and select new power line locations. From engineering to finance to environmental management to public relations, challenges and rewards await graduates and seasoned professionals alike.


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