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 What Employees Say

WhatEmployeesSay_SteveStafford“This company is not afraid to give you responsibility. I helped plan more than $200 million in extra high-voltage power lines and substations while conducting studies to maintain the integrity of Georgia’s system of 17,500 miles of transmission lines.”

​​— Steve Stafford, bulk system planning engineer
     B.S., Electrical Engineering, Prairie View A&M
     M.B.A., Detroit College of Business




WhatEmployeesSay_AnneMiller“I’ve learned so much while working at GTC and been given many opportunities to contribute. I played a major role in designing a substation for a large Fortune 100 Company after only three years. The people are wonderful, the work is always challenging, and knowing I’ve played a role in keeping the lights on in Georgia is very satisfying. This is a great place to work, live and play.”

— Anne Miller, substation design engineer
    B.S., Engineering, Georgia Tech
    M.B.A., University of Georgia


WhatEmployeesSay_DavidGiang“I work in the design group in the System Protection and Control Department. My group is very diverse. My peers include one person from Ghana, two from India, and others from Romania, Bosnia, Taiwan and Vietnam. And, of course, there are native Georgians. For me, I’m originally from Cambodia. We deal with people with so many different backgrounds that there are tolerances among ourselves for different cultures. We treat each other fairly and respectfully. Each of us understands his own responsibility for designing and building substations and transmission lines in the most cost-effective way. It’s fun to work here knowing there are friendly and supportive folks around. This really makes my daily work a lot easier.

“If there’s one reason I’ve worked here for 15 years, it’s the people. The managers and others here understand your needs. Managers are very supportive of associates. They try to designate a senior engineer as a mentor to help newly hired employees, especially recent graduates. The same goes for my peers. They make my days go faster by pointing out things we can improve, instead of looking for blame. Another reason I enjoy working here is that GTC is not a big company. We are empowered with responsibility and decisions, and we’re able to use our creativity with minimal supervision. The company provides great internal and external training. It makes for a friendly environment, which is very important – it affects your entire life.”

— David Giang, principal engineer, Relay and Control
     B.S., Electrical Engineering, Georgia Tech



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