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 Demand & Reliability

​Preventing outages of all types – widespread or localized, long-lasting or momentary – is the singular aim of the hundreds of professionals who work for Georgia Transmission.

And as the state's economy continues to grow, business in our communities depend on affordable, reliable power each and every day.

Over the past several years, we've been able to reduce outages at a time when the statewide power grid has been under pressure from decades of growth in population and per-capita use.

Improving reliability and strengthening our electric infrastructure keeps the lights on for more than four million Georgians and thousands of local business owners, farmers, schools and hospitals across the state each and every day.

Improving reliability

In recent years, we’ve set company records for the fewest sustained outages per customer, fewest momentary outages per customer and lowest overall outage time. We now average about 10 minutes of outage time per EMC consumer each year.

Construction and upgrades

As local business continues to expand and new businesses open their doors, the transmission grid must expand to ensure sufficient capacity. Otherwise, a decrease in reliability could lead to longer outages and slower restoration times. 

To that end, we perform extensive planning every three to seven years and jointly manage the statewide transmission system with the state’s other utilities through the Integrated Transmission System

More than 3,000 miles of maintenance

Maintenance of more than 3,000 miles of transmission lines and substations prevents outages and ensures quicker repairs. We are continuously maintaining and inspecting more than 3,000 miles of transmission lines and substations while adding remote monitoring to prevent outages and ensure quicker repairs.

Path of electricity

Power plant to light socket at nearly 186,000 miles per second

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What our transmission power lines look like

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Wires, insulators, cable TV lines and more

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