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Electric and magnetic fields are produced by lights, motors, computers, all home electronics, appliances, televisions, hair dryers, electric wiring in buildings and even the Earth. We're surrounded by these fields every day, and they are created by anything that uses power or has a motor. Numerous EMF studies have been conducted during the past 30 years to determine if exposure to EMF is harmful. More than 20 scientific review panels have analyzed this body of research and concluded that none of these studies has established a cause-and-effect relationship between EMF and any harmful health effects.

The largest evaluation of health effects from extremely low-frequency EMF from power lines was conducted by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. A booklet on the findings is available on the NIH's web site:

Electric and Magnetic Fields Research and Public Information Dissemination​​

Please contact our External Affairs office at (770) 270-7050 if you would like additional scientific literature or magnetic field measurements on your property.

How high are the EMF levels near power lines?

Levels of magnetic fields, the topic of most interest and research, varies by the voltage of the power line and the amount of current being carried. Generally, though, magnetic fields from power lines drop off quickly with distance, and the level just a few hundred feet from most transmission lines is lower than the level found in the average home. To arrange for an in-person reading of magnetic fields or get additional research sources, please contact our External Affairs office at (770) 270-7050.​