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What is Georgia Transmission?

We plan, build and maintain high-voltage systems for the state's customer-owned electric cooperatives. We are a not-for-profit cooperative in northeast Atlanta (Tucker, Ga.) that is owned by the state's customer-owned electric co-ops. Although we've operated for more than 35 years, our name is relatively new because we became a separate organization only a decade ago when Oglethorpe Power Corporation became three separate co-ops: Oglethorpe Power (power generation), Georgia Transmission (electric transmission) and Georgia System Operations Corp. (dispatch and services).

How does it fit into the statewide electric utility system?

We build and maintain high-voltage systems for 38 of the state's 41 electric co-ops, which are autonomous local utilities owned and managed by their members. Three other co-ops on Georgia's northern border get transmission services from the Tennessee Valley Authority. Georgia's co-ops serve about 4.1 million people, roughly half the state's population, across 73 percent of the state, including nearly 2 million people in metro Atlanta. We plan, build and maintain more than 3,000 miles of the state's 18,500 miles of transmission lines, and we jointly plan and operate the statewide electric transmission grid with the state's other major utilities. Other major electric transmission providers in the state are Georgia Power, MEAG Power and Dalton Utilities.

Who do I contact for media questions?

Contact us if you have questions about the EMC's high-voltage power lines and substations and or about electric transmission planning in the state. Please contact Oglethorpe Power if you have questions related to power plants and generation. The state's co-ops have their own media contacts, and these EMCs also have a statewide association called Georgia Electric Membership Corp.

What are the common newsworthy issues?

On the positive side, our work directly affects the reliability of electric power for EMCs and their communities, touching the lives, livelihoods and economic development of your communities. Our employees are innovators in the electric transmission field, and our employees actively contribute to many worthy causes. When we build power lines and substations to keep pace with population and per capita energy growth, media outlets often hear from property owners or attorneys who do not want facilities built on their property or in their communities. Our positions on the issues commonly raised  such as eminent domain use, safety from electric and magnetic fields (EMF) and underground construction  are contained in our key issues section. 

Georgia Transmission is​ an active sponsor of the Georgia Press Association.



For media only, ​please call (770) 270-7050​​​​


Facts and stats about Georgia Transmission

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