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 Help for Other Utilities

Georgia Transmission and Photo Science have helped several utilities adopt the GTC-EPRI siting model.  Photo Science offers on-site demonstrations, and the company can tailor the procedures and software to meet your requirements.  We feel this approach has important benefits:
  • Efficiently documents the process for environmental reports.

  • Facilitates selection of the most cost-effective routes that minimize impacts to people and natural resources. 

  • Assigns a numerical suitability value to all mapped features in the study area through an intuitive interface.

  • Easily modifies suitability values based on public input or unique environmental factors.

  • Assigns engineering constraints, such as rights-of-way width, maximum turn angle, and minimum run length.

  • Creates a composite suitability map of the study area.

  • Generates new corridor alternatives using constrained "least cost” path algorithms.

  • Automatically generates alternative corridor reports, including statistics for total length, number of landowners impacted, number of streams crossed, acreage of land use/land cover effected, number of houses within a specified distance, etc.

Copies of the report

Copies of the GTC-EPRI research report are available for free from EPRI. Please call (800) 313-3774 (press 2, and provide the report number: 1013080). Georgia Transmission does not provide copies of the report.

Demonstrations or questions

Please e-mail Chris Smith or call (770) 270-7919​ for more information.​​​​

Connecting the dots

Fact sheet explains the major steps of the GTC-EPRI siting methodology

fact sheet >>​​​​​


Links to industry magazine stories on GTC-EPRI siting

coverage >>



“We are pleased GTC and EPRI have taken the lead in developing a standardized siting methodology that is open and transparent, helps utility professionals make more informed decisions based on more comprehensive data and addresses public and regulatory concerns in measurable and meaningful ways.”

Mary Jane Warner, P.E., Manager, Power Delivery Expansion, East Kentucky Power Cooperative


“We applaud East Kentucky's efforts to employ a more objective method of siting than it has employed in the past.”

Kentucky Public Service Commission (after East Kentucky adopted the siting model)​