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All Georgians’ lives and livelihoods are connected by a single grid of transmission power lines. Bracing the grid to handle the demand of one of the fastest-growing states means adding load-serving and bulk transmission lines. If lines weren’t built, affected regions of the state would see more frequent and longer outages. If neglected long enough, customers would face greater risks of brownouts and blackouts. We complete hundreds of construction projects, such as equipment upgrades, each year. At any given time, we usually have a dozen or more new power lines under construction.

Below is information on some of our largest projects. Please contact External Affairs at (770) 270-7050 for information on other projects.

Burnt Church-Tradeport Industrial Park

A first for Georgia Transmission and the state of Georgia, installing this 12.2 mile 115-kilovolt (kV) line meant using innovative techniques to place poles in a protected coastal salt marsh along I-95, south of Savannah, Ga. To do so, we used an Erickson Air Crane helicopter to haul each pole base into the marsh and special equipment vibrated them into the ground within minutes. Then, the same helicopter aligned and mounted the tops of the poles on each base. The poles weighed 7,000-10,000 pounds each, and we installed 32 poles in the salt marsh in 10 days. We completed the project with careful planning and cooperation with local and state officials. The Burnt Church-Tradeport Industrial Park Transmission Line helps protect against possible overloads and outages in the South Georgia coastal area.

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Valentine Far​ms

When Jackson EMC discovered a customer expansion would require a new service point earlier than expected, they asked Georgia Transmission to expedite the required new substation and transmission line by six months to meet hot-weather demands. We responded immediately and completed the construction in time to beat the heat. We accomplished the task in spite of record heavy rainfall by employing multiple construction crews, expediting equipment delivery and coordinating with our Integrated Transmission System partners to schedule critical outages while working to maintain service to customers.

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Thomson-to-Warthen 500-kV line

We built a 500-kilovolt (kV) line in 2009, our first in 15 years. 500-kV lines are the largest type of power lines built in Georgia. With the 39-mile Thomson-to-Warthen line, Georgia Transmission  introduced to the electric industry a new design for 500-kV lines, providing for a narrower footprint and improved access for maintenance.

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What our transmission power lines look like

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Wires, insulators, cable TV lines and more

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